Drink: O’so Brewing Company


O’so good, O’so tasty.  Located in Plover, WI – just a short hop O'so Brewing Co 1-20-2011 1-15-12 PMaway from Stevens Point is a truly unique micro-brewery.  What began as Point Brew Supply for the home brewer, is now an expanded operation putting out all sorts of great brews.  Who else do you know that brews an Imperial IPA and puts whole hop cones in the bottle?  This makes for a unique looking pour and an assume tasting beer – Lupulin Maximus.

O'so Brewing Co 1-20-2011 1-45-17 PM

O’so is not a large operation.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much brewing equipment packed so efficiently into such a tight space.  One visit to the brewery and you will sense the passion with which Marc & Katina Buttera conduct their operation. O'so Brewing Co 1-20-2011 1-43-37 PMTheir signature line-up includes: The Big O, Hopdinger, Rusty Red and Night Train – an award winning fantastic tasting oatmeal porter.  These can be found throughout select stores in Wisconsin only.  But for the best selection, you must visit the brewery itself. Both Lupulin Maximus and O’so Dank – an Imperial Red ale, make the trip certainly worth the effort to get there.  And if you are lucky and look closely, you may find they have all their ducks in a row.O'so Brewing Co 1-20-2011 1-46-23 PM


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