Drink: Tyranena

tyranena 9-18-2010 7-45-40 PMWhat’s the most important tourist stop located between Milwaukee and Madison?  Thanks for asking – the answer is Lake Mills of course.  Now I’m sure that Lake Mills has all sorts of redeeming qualities: gas stations, libraries, restaurants, etc. –  but the one I am most focused on is its own hometown brewery of Tyranena. 

One of the most popular beers, found on tap in multiple locations throughout where I live near Milwaukee is Bitter Woman IPA.  Coming in at 5.75% ABV and 68 IBU, it’s a well balanced hoppy and floral tyranena 9-18-2010 7-37-37 PMbeer with serious citrus going on.  Beer Advocate rates it as A minus.  Personally I think the only thing holding back the Bitter Woman IPA from a full A or an A plus is the Scurvy IPA, which is a seasonal brew released between spring and summer and containing a real dose of Oranges.  It’s an A+ in my book in that it takes Bitter Woman to a fruitier, more rounded place.  Certainly, she is still bitter, but now she’s wearing a twinge of a smile.

tyranena 9-18-2010 7-41-28 PMTyranena has lots of great events to check out during the summer, as well as live music on most Fridays and Saturdays year round.  You can check out their website at www.tyranena.com

Photos are courtesy of GetAway Travel Service, Hartland WI – www.getaway.travel.  For some of their beer-centric postings, you should check out www.facebook.com/getawaybeer


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