Drink: Redeye Brewing Company

redeye brewing company 9-4-2011 11-26-38 AMIf you have not heard of Redeye Brewing Company, than it’s only because you have not been to Wausau, Wisconsin lately. 

Redeye is a brewery restaurant geared around artisan food and handcrafted beer.  The food focuses on fresh ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and you certainly can’t get more locally sourced than the gardens right next to the sidewalk as you enter.  While we were there, we opted for a snack on the lighter side – a chicken asiago pizza that was really quite fantastic.The pizza dough is made fresh, stretched by hand and cooked in a wood burning brick pizza oven, using locally sourced hardwoods!  The ingredients on the pizza were top quality and assembled in gourmet fashion.  Only crumbs remained when we finished.  You can view their outstanding menu here.

The handcrafted beer really shines.  While there, we tried a sampler and found all the beers to be quite impressive.  Flavorful, good body, lots of structure all around.  Our favorites:  Scarlet 7 – a Belgian Dubbel and the Black IPA coming in at 73 IBU.  This  IPA balances out the aggressive hoppiness with mellow notes of roasted malts.  We had a couple of “light beer” drinkers with us (you know the type!), during this trip who also ordered a sampler.  They had some challenges with the IPAs, and I gladly helped them put away their Black IPA sample.  The beer was top notch and obviously brewed by folks that love real beer.

redeye brewing company 9-4-2011 11-29-15 AMHere is a terribly blurry shot of the Redeye beers that were on tap during our recent visit. Unfortunately, I had recently dropped the camera and had not quite realized I had broken it.  However, I was able to patch it together well enough for a better shot in the brewing room, where all the crafting begins.  A beautiful marriage of stainless steel and copper!

Once he noticed me taking pictures through the glass window – Head Chef David Lorio was gracious enough to give me an inside tour of the brewing room.redeye brewing company 9-4-2011 12-07-53 PM

David explained the  barrels are for a special wood barrel aged edition of Scarlet 7.  We hope to be back in time to sample them when ready! redeye brewing company 9-4-2011 12-07-37 PM

In March 2012, we are planning an exclusive Micro-Brews of Wisconsin tour.  Current plans are to have Redeye as one of our featured stops.  You’re going to love this place.  Check out the website www.getawaybeer.com for updates on the tour.


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