Drink: Weasel Poop in a Oatmeal Stout

The story goes that Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) is one of the worlds rarest and most expensive coffees, coming in at hundreds of US$s per pound.  It is not that the raw coffee berries are so hard to grow or that the growing climate is so treacherous or that the plant yields are so low.  It’s because these beans are processed in a most special way – through the digestive tract of Asian Palm Civets.  As their name implies they are found all throughout Asia in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia and more.  They are normally wild and in no way an endangered species.    In Indonesia and Vietnam are Civet “farms”, where the Civets eat the berries and defecate them, wherein they are then harvested.  Interestingly enough, the berries keep their shapes throughout their arduous journey wherein the coffee becomes more aromatic and less bitter as a result.  The name, “Weasel Coffee” is an English translation of the Vietnamese name for this rather interesting culinary product.

Well what happens, say if you pair up one of the worlds most unique coffees with one of the worlds most unique brewers?  If you have not heard of Mikkeller, you should pay a wee bit more attention.  It is a gypsy brewery founded by two Danish home brewers Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Kristian Klarup Keller, now solely run by Mikkel.  Mikkeller however is a brewery without a home.  They create their brews in gypsy fashion, on the road working with hosts breweries in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, UK and US.  One of their more well known and fairly widely distributed brews (well I can find it anyway)  is the Beer Geek Breakfast Stout.  It’s thick, black, creamy, complex, aromatic and very well flavored with tastes of bitter chocolate and coffee.  These flavors come from the dark roasted malts, but if you want to amp up the flavors a bit, why not just add some real coffee?  And if you are going to add coffee, you don’t want to add just any old coffee, why not go with the rarest and most expensive – Civet Coffee.  Welcome to the world – Beer Geek Brunch – WEASEL.

Here is our backyard tasting experience!


Tasting is summed up, by “Oh Yeah”

Just a side note, you probably won’t drink beer from Mikkeller, because you love the Danish love songs from the Mikkeller Band.  Something about how Mathilde fell in love with a beer geek…

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